Friday, July 15, 2011

Enjoy Every Moment!

You ever wonder why some people look at life as a task? As something that they just have to do to get it over with? Are you one of those people who go through your daily routine, just ignoring the little things in life or missing out on opportunities to do something different? You know the types, the ones who go to the same restaurants, go out with the same people, stay in the same jobs.... these are the types of people that are satisfied by nothing other than routine...... If you are like me, you think this is insanely boring! How could you wake up every day knowing what to expect? Where is the excitement? What about the spice of life? Or, the surprises that come with being spontaneous?

What about it? Are you a routine person? Or are you someone that lives to be excited? Here are a 5 easy tips for turning things around, let me know what you think and if you have any more ideas that people can try to make life more exciting, more interesting, more rewarding and anything but routine... You deserve it!

  1. Do something different every day! This could be something as simple as eating something new for breakfast, reading a section of the newspaper that you wouldn't ordinarily consider, saying hello to a stranger that you normally ignore, learn someone's name that you take for granted, or if you really want to branch out, join a new group or organization... live a little... stop being an old fart.
  2. Tell someone you really appreciate them, or maybe that you love them! What a novel idea, actually letting someone know that they are important. You would be surprised how you can light up someone's day, and in return they will likely do something for you or just respond in a way that makes you change your perspective. Telling people how important they are in your life lets them know that they are meaningful to you, and that they can influence you. They may invite you over for dinner, ask you to go to a game with them, tell you something you don't know, or enlighten you in some way that changes you forever.. Believe it!
  3. Go somewhere different every day! You heard me, take a walk, take a bus, a drive, a train... just go, and invest a little time exploring... talk to people, buy a cup of coffee, buy some else a cup of coffee... listen to them, hear what they are actually saying... don't be shy, don't be weird either, but certainly interact with folks. Most of us go through life never exploring places that are within reach. You may meet someone new who shares your interests; you may meet someone who is a complete loser, so what! We can learn from and be enlightened by everyone and everything! Don't limit yourself to the same circumstances that got you where you are today. Move out of your comfort zone and begin to experience the spice of life. Some good, some bad, but all can make you a different person and can enable you to see beyond the boundaries of customary existence... that's "customary existence"... and trust me, this is not something to aspire to achieve.. It is tantamount to being dead... avoid it like the plague!
  4. Exercise! Just do it! Any exercise is better than no exercise. Being healthy in body definitely makes you healthy in mind! Don't take my word for this, just do some research, as you use your body, your body changes, as you body changes, so do you, for the better, ALWAYS! I'm not saying that you need to run 10 miles, or do 1000 sit-ups, just get out and do something like run, walk, ride a bike, jump rope, whatever! You will see that once you start to get in motion, you will want to stay in motion, and then you can meet people, explore new sights, engage in a new existence that is better than the one you had. Why wouldn't you just try it and let me know what you find! Blog it, preach it, and change other people's lives too. What are you waiting for? Stop being a naysayer!
  5. Smile! That' right! Just smile and your entire being will transform from customary to extraordinary! You will infect people with you happiness and your positive outlook! I dare you to try this one even at work... Believe it or not, people can smile at work. I bet you didn't know that... Even in meetings.. There's no law against it and it makes people more productive. You can single handedly make people do more with less, make them more efficient, make them produce better results and enjoy doing it if you just smile and let others know that its OK to smile, laugh, joke around, and waste a few minutes of the companies time getting to know each other in a different way. Studies have shown that people who enjoy themselves at work are significantly more productive and effective than people who are too serious. Remember that the next time your boss tells you to wipe that smile off your face..... Remind them that work can be fun too! Go for it!

So, try a few of these out for size and let me know what you think. Have you noticed the difference? If not, try another one and I'm confident that you will experience new things, meet new people, make some friends, and most importantly get to know a different side of yourself. No matter what you do, DON'T KEEP DOING THE SAME THING! Mix it up a bit and experience the spice of life!

Enjoy Every Moment! Life is a gift, embrace it!